The Many Benefits of Hardscape Garden Designs|Balancing Garden Landscape with Hardscaping Ideas|Beautifying Gardens with Hardscape Designs


A true garden landscape is a combination of both hardscape and softscape, where the softscape makes use of elements such as the kind of soil, trees, plants, flowers, and choice of color schemes, while hardscape refers to the heavier stuffs, such as stones, rocks, patios, gates, and driveways. Hardscape is actually short for “hard landscape” which was conventionally described by garden practitioners as a garden design that incorporates landscape architecture.  Examples of hardscape structures are rock formations, walkways, retaining walls, paver patios, elements of water features, decks, outdoor kitchens, and driveways. When rock walls are used to enhance the garden, the idea of the homeowner is to put up a cozy outdoor space for transitioning it into a fun-filled barbecue event with his guests.

Hardscapes provide the right functionality in the garden, allowing homeowners to conduct recreational activities while providing the beautiful ambience of the surrounding landscape. What most landscape architects incorporate when they have hardscaping in mind is to enhance visual interest in the existing garden using texture, proportion, and symmetry, creating a perfect balance of hardscaping and softscaping.

Zionsville landscaping can also provide other benefits in a garden set-up, like it lessens soil erosions especially on sloppy areas or uneven soil, it add the property value, it doesn’t need so much maintenance, it allows accessibility for the homeowners for more recreational activities, and it reduces the need for water to maintain the landscape.

Walkways are Carmel hardscapes structures that have a number of practical benefits: a sense of landscape order by connecting the other areas of home and garden segments together; a means of avoiding dirt and grass to walk through the garden; and when yard work is a form of exercise for the homeowner, there is a decrease of the mowing activity, as well as decrease the cost of maintenance, as some portions have been paved by walkways.  Patios are a special niche in the garden to enjoy the beauty of the garden while relaxing either alone or with family or friends, spending time together.  Using the ideas of hardscaping for driveways can add beauty to the structure, such as decorating with natural stones, which helps in paving for a need of each homeowner, as well as giving an aesthetic value to it. Stone walls are also hardscape structures that add up value to the home property, as well as provide security and privacy if they are walled surrounding the home and they can also be used as patio dividers to put some added sense of aesthetics to the creative landscape design.


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